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Social Media Sucks

Feb 12, 2024

In this episode of the Social Media Sucks Podcast, we're talking about artificial intelligence and social media! Many of the guests on this episode think that AI is a tool, but a few are scared about what's to come. Where do you sit on the fence? 

Our next episode is going to be centered on social media conspiracy theories. Is your phone listening to everything you say? Is Mark a robot? Is TikTok tracking your keystrokes? You tell us! 

We'd love you to be on our next episode, comment here with your thoughts or head to the website to submit them directly to us. 


  • Chris Kubbernus
  • Jason Donnelly


  • Sage Lucero
  • David Juul Ledstrup
  • Pandora Young
  • Rick Lawson
  • Søren Borgstrøm
  • kotryna.kurt
  • coachdomcosta
  • jesse_simon
  • jayhuntofficial
  • getselfbelief
  • drewmoon5
  • muddygnomes
  • the_tranquil_warrior
  • paintpenclpaper

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